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Fischgrättunika Tyr - Oliv/Grau

Our Tunic Tyr Herringbone is a real eye-catcher. It is a long-sleeved tunic with a small slit neckline that can be embellished with a brooch, for example. It can be worn alone or with an under tunic. In terms of color our Winingas Asgar as well as our Skjoldehamm Cowl Knud, which are made of the same fabric, match it beautifully.

The tunic as such is a very old garment, which evolved from two cloths worn rectangularly attached to the shoulders by brooches to a sewn together form with sleeves. From lower garment it became upper garment, depending on the time and class. Most often it was worn belted. Tunics can also vary greatly in length. Shorter tunics are more practical for work.

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Herringbone Woven Tunic Tyr by Burgschneider

Herringbone Pattern


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