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Kapuzenumhang Hibernus - Wolle Braun

In the outfit of every adventurer, the warmth-giving Wool Hooded Cape Hibernus is an indispensable accessory. In its design as a semi-circle or wheel cloak with a pointed hood, the cloak is fashionably associated with the High and Late Middle Ages.

On often muddy medieval trade routes a traveler had to brave many obstacles. A cloak like this one helped to keep the biting wind and rain at bay.

On the upper lapel of the cloak are two loops for attaching a spiral brooch as well as two cloth ribbons for tying. The sizes refer to a length to the ankle or lower calf. The cape is made of a heavy wool felt material which gives it a very authentic appearance.

S - 135 cm

M - 145 cm

L - 155 cm

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119,90 €

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Hooded Cloak Hibernus by Burgschneider

Wool Felt


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