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Rushose Kyivan - Braun

  • Material: 100% Cotton

  • Genre: Historic

  • Sizes: S - XXXL

  • Reference: Rus Trousers from Haithabu

Made from 100% cotton, these black trousers provide plenty of comfort and warmth. The Andoya Skjoldehamn Pants are a great choice for a wide range of medieval and fantasy characters. Slits along the cuffs allow them to fit over all kinds of boots and shoes. A drawstring and ribbon at the waistband allow the trousers to be fastened tightly without needing a belt. It’s the perfect choice for a low maintenance costume!

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41,93 €

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Rus Pants Kyivan by Burgschneider


no topic is more discussed in the medieval scene then the depiction of the rus trouser. One can assume that the rustrouser were actually very wide but with leg wraps. The variant with the calf tubes is very common in re-enactment groups and we use a adapted version of the rus trouser. It makes it possible to have that loose look with out any folding.

Remark of the editors: we discussed in our team for a long time how to implement the rus style in the trouser and after long back and forth we cam to the resolve that we implement both styles a more fantasy like version and a more authentic version that will come in the end of 2015.


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