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Wadenwickel Aki Wolle - Grün

Winingas have been worn since the Iron Age. The Romans at Hadrian's Wall used them, as did the Germanic tribes, Byzantines, Franks, Alamanni, Bavarians, Wends (Slavs), and later in the Middle Ages, the Normans and Vikings. Winingas were widespread throughout Central and Northern Europe.

In the beginning, winingas served as a substitute for socks. From foot to lower leg, they are wrapped over the pants to below the knee and fixed with a fibula to protect and keep the wearer warm.

On the basis of textile finds in Damendorf, Oberaltendorf, Bernuthsfeld and the Thorsberg moor, there’s proof these have been worn from the 2nd to the 8th century, and also on the carpet of Bayeux from the year 1066, winingas are shown.

Our Wool Winingas Aki stay in this tradition and are made of wool with the dimensions 380cm x 10cm. Of course, we supply two winingas, you do not buy socks individually.

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Wool Winingas Aki by Burgschneider

Wool Felt


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