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Zuberkleid Metta - Natur

  • Material: 100% Cotton

  • Genre: Fictional

  • Sizes: S - XXXL

  • Maker: DarkDirndl

  • Reference: Wenceslas Bible

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34,90 €

* Pflichtfelder



All pieces of the collection were designed according to historical references, and are devoted to the theme "representation of professions and bourgeois life". We have succeeded in optimizing the cut and fit so that the authenticity is not lost despite modern processing. It was therefore also deliberately selecting pieces that would allow them to produce them as authentically as possible. Especially for beginners the collection offers an optimal starting basis. Another feature of the collection: All pieces match each other - in color, cut, wearability and time. All parts can be worn in the "onion-shell" -process and equip the wearer or carrier with optimal for the summer and winter season, as well as for various occasions and presentations.
The highlight of the Darkdirndl line, this Bathing Dress is a direct reconstruction based on the Wenceslaus Bible. After a busy day, many of you are looking forward to a warm bath. Often you have to walk in full dress to the bathhouse, only to remove and then dress after before returning to camp. With the Bathing Dress the lady is dressed perfectly authentically before and after her bath, and may return to her tent for a restful night of sleep. The light A-shape, the beautifully cut neckline, and the ¾ length body flatter even the strong figured.
For those in need of sizing modifications, the straps have been sewn flat to allow for an easy 5 stitch removal and length modification.


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